• Overview

    Tailored Solutions for Environments
    Where Security and Surveillance is Critical

    Synectics products, systems, and solutions can be found in areas across the world where security and surveillance are paramount.

    With over 30 years' experience, we understand the pressures and priorities of these complex environments, and combine this knowledge with specialist skills and field-proven technology.

    Above all, our customers expect us to design and deploy integrated systems that deliver absolute peace of mind.

  • Oil, Gas, and Marine

    Critical Security in Challenging Settings

    Oil and gas projects, from onshore refineries, plants, and pipelines to offshore marine vessels and platforms, are some of the most demanding environments on the planet. Harsh weather, extreme temperatures, remote locations, no or poor light conditions, hazardous and technical processes, significant personnel counts – they are all factors that make safety and security both difficult and essential.

    This complex matrix of conditions means surveillance has to step up. Robust and reliable cameras have to deliver evidential image quality at all times, while integrated solutions are relied on to make data from multiple site sub-systems manageable, meaningful, and actionable in mission-critical situations.

  • Gaming

    Solutions for the Most Demanding Gaming Environments

    With millions of guests and billions in assets at risk, our casino clients demand the most reliable, flexible, and scalable surveillance systems to protect their complex, high-profile businesses.

    Accurately identifying and efficiently neutralizing risk is paramount to casino profitability. For our users, that means impeccable picture quality to distinguish card suits, cash denominations, or rapid hand movements; integration to point of sale registers, access control, and slot systems; and, multi-layered hardware and software redundancy to ensure access to mission critical data at all times.

    Engineered with gaming in mind, Synectics has a 30-year track record deploying dependable surveillance solutions in over 100 of the largest, busiest, and most tightly regulated casinos in Asia, North America, and Europe.

  • High Security and Public Space

    Sophisticated Surveillance for Highly Secure Facilities

    High security sites, from financial institutions and utility providers to data centers and government organizations, are both vital and vulnerable.

    Physical security is paramount in these environments and so is the ability to quickly identify, understand, and respond to more subtle threats, from equipment malfunctions to safety failures. Synectics has a long history of delivering turnkey surveillance solutions that achieve this aim, with our sophisticated Synergy 3 command and control platform at their core.

    The integration possibilities are endless and enable security teams to merge and mine data from virtually any facility sub-system. Blending security, building management, and facial recognition data to spot threats quickly, escalate alerts, and react based on automated workflows is simple. And for complete peace of mind, every action is securely stored to provide a comprehensive audit trail and evidence bank.

  • Transport and Infrastructure

    Protecting Passengers and Assets

    Transport hubs serve numerous businesses, employ hundreds of staff, and process tens of thousands of passengers every day. They are critical to our infrastructure and require surveillance solutions capable of distilling data from multiple sources to deliver an instant, clear, and actionable view of activity across the whole site.

    We excel in complete, turnkey solutions that enable connections like these to be made - scenario detection that links an item of left luggage with unusual access door usage to generate an alert, WiFi-enabled solutions that connect vehicle and transport hub security, and open protocols that allow transport operators to communicate with city-wide systems and agencies for ‘Smart City’ collaboration.



Synergy 3 is a user-friendly command and control platform with unparalleled flexibility, expandability, and resilience.

With drag-and-drop configuration and customization, Synergy 3 is easy to use, yet powerful enough to be the system of choice for the world’s most challenging surveillance projects.


Specialist Camera Stations for Extreme Environments

Synectics’ internationally certified range of COEX hazardous, safe, and marine area camera stations provide high performance and dependable image clarity in all operational conditions.

Whatever the challenge – extreme temperatures, shock/vibration, pressure, poor/no lighting, corrosive environment – our suite of fixed, PTZ, thermal, and TriMode solutions guarantees compliant, consistent, and comprehensive surveillance.


Superior Performance in the Most Demanding Applications

Every Synectics IP camera delivers 50/60 fps streaming and True WDR ensuring impressive performance, even in challenging low-light conditions.

With ONVIF Profile S and G compliance across the range, our dome, PTZ, fisheye, and bullet cameras are easy to install and compatible with third-party solutions, while Backfilling technology offers unparalleled protection against data loss.


Enterprise-Class, Robust, and Reliable

Compatible with leading cameras and encoders, Synectics' highly scalable PSN 4 provides up to 126TB of storage with a throughput of 700 mbps for exceptional data performance and ultra-reliability.

Evidential-quality video, multi-device data replication, hot swap redundancy, edge recording, Backfilling compatibility, and secure encryption deliver dependable recording and storage for complex environments where detailed data retention matters.


Multi-System Data Analysis for Real-Time Risk Awareness

Synergy 3’s powerful analytics engine enables it to cross-reference data from any integrated system, understand it in isolation and in context, and alert operators to events that warrant investigation or immediate action in order to protect people and assets.

It delivers full-site, real-time situational awareness, and ensures appropriate incident response.


Safeguarding Three Billion Passengers Every Year

Synectics' suite of camera, recording, and integrated data management solutions for on-vehicle applications delivers evidential-quality image capture, robust data storage, and accurate vehicle analytics, in order to enhance passenger safety, safeguard against costly insurnace claims, and improve driver performance.

When combined with our end-to-end solutions for transport hubs and public space settings, operators are ideally positioned to meet vehicle, site, network, and city-wide surveillance needs.


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