Surveillance Solutions Trusted by Over 100 Gaming Properties Around the World

We design, test, and deliver field-proven solutions that can be customized to meet customer-specific regulatory and security requirements now and well into the future.

Customer-Focused Casino Surveillance

A quality-driven surveillance solution is not just rigorously specified, factory tested, efficiently delivered, and effectively implemented. It is one that operates exactly as it should from the get go, and keeps meeting customer expectations. The time-proven processes we have in place make sure that happens.

Great support is about being there for customers, at all stages of their journey with us. From providing insight-rich content leading up to and after a customer adopting our solution, to offering tailored training for in-house teams and year-round access to expert advice via a global hub, with Synectics the right help is always at hand.

Resilient to risk, performance-tested prior to deployment, and designed to eliminate any single point of failure, Synectics’ hardened surveillance solutions offer more than essential uptime. They offer operational reliability casinos can depend on.

Few industries are more tightly regulated than casinos, and Synectics is uniquely equipped to help its customers meet this challenge. Tailorable to property-specific operating procedures and regional regulatory specifications, our compliance-centric solutions and global team of experts deliver systems that do exactly what’s needed. Now, and years from now.

Synectics’ dedicated, global R&D teams keep gaming customers ahead of the curve through an open architecture platform that supports easy tech adoption and deep partnerships built around an ethos of design quality. These capabilities, combined with our customer-centric culture, guarantee long-lasting, robust solutions that flex to meet current and future needs.


Superior Performance in the Most Demanding Environments

Every Synectics IP camera delivers 50/60 fps streaming and True WDR ensuring impressive performance, even in challenging low-light conditions.

With ONVIF Profile S and G compliance across the range, our dome, PTZ, fisheye, and bullet cameras are easy to install and compatible with third-party solutions, while Backfilling technology offers unparalleled protection against data loss.


Enterprise-Class, Robust, and Reliable Storage That Will Never Be Overwhelmed

Compatible with leading cameras and encoders, Synectics' highly scalable PSN 4 provides up to 126TB of storage with throughput of 700 mbps for exceptional data performance and ultra-reliability.

Evidential-quality video, multi-device data replication, hot swap redundancy, edge recording, Backfilling compatibility, and secure encryption deliver dependable recording and storage for complex environments where detailed data retention matters.


Delivering Unprecedented Situational Awareness and ROI

Synergy 3’s advanced third-party integration capabilities enable video, alarm, and operational data from any security, gaming, and hospitality sub-system to be monitored, managed, and recorded within a single, user-friendly environment.

The infinitely scalable platform ‒ with built-in Dataveillance engine and dynamic incident management tools ‒ allows operators to combine events from multiple systems, create customized alarms to expose theft, fraud, scams, and customer service opportunities, and respond to those situations with speed and consistency.


Critical Information Made Clear

Configurable to suit any control room, Synectics' Display Wall appliances enable the display of up to 32 live and recorded streams from SD, HD, and megapixel IP cameras, DVRs, and encoders ‒ including Synectics’ IP HD camera range.

When deployed with Synergy 3, features such as drag-and-drop configuration, real-time incident and system status monitoring, and threat level display give casino surveillance teams a clear and actionable view of incoming threats and ongoing situations.


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