Guaranteed Technical Performance Now, and Tomorrow

We make time to understand customer objectives. It’s the only way to design solutions that work today and can flex as needed tomorrow. Synectics’ global team, products, and quality-driven development processes come together to guarantee system longevity and performance that keeps on delivering.

Forward-thinking functionality

Updates to regulatory constraints, business growth, gaming trends, and changing security threats all mean one thing – surveillance solutions can’t stand still. They have to adapt to ensure casinos always have the information they need, and a system that matches operational requirements. So that’s exactly how we design them.

Our core software platform, Synergy 3, allows enterprise-wide alarm and transactional data to be reviewed and acted upon from a single, customizable, and user-friendly interface. And thanks to its open software architecture, casino operators have the flexibility to integrate with pre-existing technologies, while also future-proofing their solution for gradual development.

Cameras, Point of Sale, alarms, time clocks, access control, video analytics, and gaming solutions such as player tracking and slot management are all systems that hold valuable, usable information. Through our solution, gaming customers can seamlessly integrate systems like these at any stage as and when budget allows or needs dictate.

Robust processes and partnerships built on trust

To keep meeting customer needs, our global team is constantly innovating. Synectics’ high-definition IP cameras and features built into Synergy 3, such as advanced alarm integration, a customizable graphical user interface, flexible incident management, and Dataveillance, are leading-edge and a result of close collaboration with our global customer base. By unifying and interrogating data aggregated from surveillance, security, and operational systems, Synergy 3’s Dataveillance engine automatically identifies incidents, potential threats, and trends that would otherwise be virtually impossible to uncover.

We actively solicit authentic customer feedback from around the world and quickly feed it into our product development processes to help improve and future-proof customer solutions. Together with comprehensive supply chain checks, new investment in global facilities, and knowledge sharing between our sector specialists, we work towards one end goal – providing high-quality, customizable systems that meet each customer’s exact needs now and in the future.

This approach, coupled with the years of experience we’ve gained supporting tightly regulated casinos across the globe, is why the world’s leading gaming operators keep choosing our integrated, end-to-end surveillance solutions to monitor and manage their properties.

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