Reliable Performance Through Resilient Design

Stringent design and deployment processes, coupled with intelligent failover capabilities including edge-based IP camera recording, hot swap, and RAID redundancy, are all means we employ to ensure footage will never fail.

Delivering constant coverage

Multiple levels of failover and system resilience - based on the real-world experience of our global team - are designed into our end-to-end surveillance solutions, which are then always put through Factory Acceptance Testing prior to deployment. In other words, in partnering with Synectics, casino operators can rest easy knowing they have adopted a surveillance solution that will always work and meet their operational needs to ultimately avoid the steep penalties that can result from lost coverage.

Whether operating an analog, IP, or hybrid system, our core software platform, Synergy 3, uses on-board health check functionality to continuously monitor the entire surveillance ecosystem for indicators of potential critical or catastrophic failure, enabling any issues to be proactively triaged, trained, and flagged through a dynamic maintenance procedure Workflow.

If an immediate issue is detected, such as an encoder or server malfunction, the system intuitively identifies the best ‘hot swap’ location to failover recording while also keeping track of all footage in order to guarantee continuous viewing and playback. In the event of any primary server issue, automatic real-time replication over multiple physical/virtual hot swap servers always guarantees full system control and data access.

Multi-layer protection

In addition to working with gaming operators to implement system-wide redundancy and resilience, unit-level measures deliver an additional layer of protection.

RAID technology is built into our storage and management servers as standard, while measures such as dual/redundant or hot-swappable power supplies mean that digital recording, storage devices, or networked IP cameras immediately switch over to a local power source in the event of a supply outage.

Additionally, all Synectics HD IP cameras offer localized storage in the camera so that, in the event of a network failure, video is recorded to the device and later, when the network recovers, it is automatically backfilled to the primary storage server to avoid data loss and cumbersome record-keeping.

Our approach is straightforward. We engineer tailored solutions based on real-world experience that eliminate any single point of failure, minimize maintenance complexity, and maximize uptime for guaranteed availability 24/7.

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