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Oil and gas projects, from onshore refineries, plants, and pipelines to offshore marine vessels and platforms, are some of the most demanding environments on the planet. Harsh weather, extreme temperatures, remote locations, poor to no light conditions, hazardous and technical processes, and significant personnel counts are all factors that make safety and security both difficult and essential.

This complex matrix of conditions means surveillance must be robust and reliable, with specialized cameras able to deliver evidential image quality at all times. Additionally, integrated solutions are relied on to make data from multiple site sub-systems manageable, meaningful, and actionable in mission-critical situations.

This is what we do, and why our experts and solutions have been selected by high-profile oil and gas projects for over 30 years.


High-quality image capture in all conditions

Synectics’ COEX brand ‒ which pioneered the first Ex-certified thermal camera station ‒ features safe area, marine, and hazardous area camera stations that can be found protecting some of the world’s largest oil and gas developments.

Our camera solutions are designed and developed to meet specific sector needs. Multi-spectral camera stations that switch between color, mono, and thermal imaging deliver guaranteed image quality in conditions where weather, light, and overall visibility fluctuate rapidly. Synectics’ COEX HD IP camera stations with in-built compression deliver 1080p video, whether the application is an ice-class LNG tanker operating at -55°C, or a Middle East pipeline in +70°C heat.

Whether the challenge is location, temperature, corrosion, threat detection, or motion, our internationally-certified camera stations ‒ developed through decades of field experience – ensure picture quality is always assured.


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