Support in the Face of Malicious Attack

Our sophisticated camera, control, and integration solutions help vessels detect threats earlier and support rapid risk response to protect those on board.

Anti-piracy detection, monitoring, and tracking solutions

Systems integration offers valuable protection should vessels be targeted by pirates/hostiles set on malicious attack.

By combining the powerful capabilities of primary detection sensor systems - including marine pulse radar and Frequency Modulation Continuous Wave (FMCW) radar - with Automatic Identification Systems (AIS), Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS), and marine-certified camera stations (thermal and multi-spectral), vessels can create a virtual perimeter, identify/classify vessels crossing the established boundary, and track progress using absolute positioning capabilities.

With our open architecture surveillance command and control platform, Synergy 3 at their core, and using our range of internationally certified and DNV-approved camera stations, we deliver dedicated, end-to-end solutions to make this level of detection and identification a reality for vessels operating in some of the world’s most hazardous waters.

Protecting crew while providing clear, actionable intelligence

Through linking threat identification processes with on-board access systems, Synectics’ Synergy 3 command and control platform can be programmed to automatically put sections, or specific systems, on the ship in lock-down to protect both crew and cargo, or trigger emergency guidance protocols for on-board security teams to follow, accompanied by a live visual feed trained on the identified threat.

Should the vessel be boarded by hostile intruders, personnel can be relocated to a citadel (a secure area) equipped with its own access to the surveillance command and control platform, where continuous situational awareness can be fed through to a land-based monitoring center. In some cases it is also possible for teams taking refuge in the citadel to transmit footage or communicate via VSAT to ‘friendly forces’, such as the police or coastguard, providing real-time updates of the situation as it unfolds.

As well as enabling crew housed in the citadel to retain full viewing and camera control capability, by using an independent control rack located in the citadel area powered by a centralized UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) system, our solution for this application also ensures personnel located in the citadel have the power to disable viewing and control functions elsewhere on the ship.

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