Making Connected Ship Ambitions a Reality

The marine industry has been called on to embrace technology that delivers real-time situational awareness to improve vessel navigation, safety, and efficiency. Our evolved command and control platform, Synergy 3, together with our DNV-approved COEX camera stations, can help operators meet this challenge.

The connected ship – a joined-up approach

The Connected Ship refers to a drive within the shipping and marine industry to improve security, safety, and navigational efficiency through technology integration. It necessitates the convergence of individual, previously siloed, on-ship systems to achieve heightened levels of situational awareness and control.

Core principles at the heart of the connected ship ambition are already being put into practice by vessels that have adopted a strategic and integrated approach to their surveillance, and we’ve helped many of them do it.

By combining data (visual and numerical) from multiple ship systems ‒ including radar, cameras, the Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS), and the Automatic Identification System (AIS) ‒ and using our open architecture, integrated security management platform Synergy 3, operational teams are afforded heightened levels of situational awareness. This has important benefits for both off-ship vigilance and on-ship safety.

Real-time awareness delivers real-world benefits

Integrating information from radar, cameras, and AIS enables operators to identify any vessel approaching, know exactly how far away it is, and verify it against a database as either safe or a potential threat.

Through absolute positioning, both cooled and uncooled thermal cameras may be precisely targeted to make a visual assessment of detected threats at distances up to a range of 25NM. This specific application is central to the anti-piracy solutions offered by Synectics.

Piracy is not the only danger that Synergy 3 can protect against. Many of today’s key shipping routes see vessels operating in the harshest of conditions – from navigating in zero visibility to avoiding significant ice hazards. The intelligently integrated solutions we offer address these needs too.

With Synergy 3 combining real-time audio, visual information, and tracking/man-down systems, bridge teams can monitor crew status at all times and immediately initiate emergency safety/aid protocols if needed. Unifying on-board systems also enables one individual to effectively and efficiently manage areas or processes that may have previously required several crew members, helping operators to reduce the number of personnel needed for dangerous routes.

Finally, integrating radar with our range of thermal, color, or mono imaging camera stations ensures ‒ day or night, through smoke, solar glare, ice, mist, torrential rain, fog, or any other hazardous weather conditions ‒ navigational systems can always be accompanied by high-quality visual data to aid safe passage.

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