Protecting Major Oil and Gas Projects in over 50 Countries

Our highly scalable, integrated solutions streamline and simplify threat detection for complex oil and gas environments by unifying data from systems vital to safety, security, and process efficiency.

Scalable and Efficient Security Management

Monitoring processes and personnel to mitigate injury and risk in hazardous and explosive areas is vitally important. It requires cameras that will always cope and data delivered in context, alongside interactive workflows that enable rapid, informed reaction in line with safety protocols. Our systems deliver and safeguard this process 24/7.

Our COEX thermal cameras offer continuous clarity when it comes to detecting flare or igniter flame anomalies ‒ regardless of visibility ‒ while daylight cameras mitigate risk by detecting smoke or poor flame color. As part of an integrated solution, any indicator of process inefficiency or environmental hazard is flagged for immediate attention.

Well-positioned fixed, PTZ, and thermal cameras ensure reliable movement and object identification along perimeter lines. Integrating surveillance with perimeter and intruder detection systems ‒ ensuring cameras are automatically directed towards trigger events and prioritized on-screen – delivers a robust and reliable first line of defense.

Temperature changes, excessive humidity, vibrations, and any number of other fluctuating conditions can indicate both safety and security risks when it comes to tank storage. Linking sensory data with real-time video footage, our turnkey solutions alert personnel to potential issues, support threat verification, and automate appropriate mitigation protocols.


Specialist Camera Stations for Extreme Environments

Synectics’ internationally certified range of COEX hazardous, safe, and marine area camera stations provide high-performance, dependable image clarity in all operational conditions.

Whatever the challenge – extreme temperatures, shock, vibration, pressure, poor lighting or no lighting, corrosive environment – our suite of fixed, PTZ, thermal, and TriMode solutions guarantees compliant, consistent, and comprehensive surveillance.


Making What Matters, Manageable

Synergy 3 integrates systems, including new or existing legacy technology, critical to oil and gas environments ‒ cameras, access control, man down tracking, perimeter security, telecommunications, process control, flare monitoring, and emergency (fire, smoke, gas detection) ‒ and enables them to be monitored, controlled, and managed within a single, easy-to-use command and control environment.


Ancillary Solutions to Support Superior Performance

Our range of ancillary products includes hazardous and safe area wash systems with remote activation, cost-effective junction boxes for cable connections, and a comprehensive selection of fiber products for both single-mode and multi-mode requirements.


Multi-System Data Analysis for Real-Time Risk Awareness

Synergy 3’s powerful analytics engine enables it to cross-reference data from any integrated system, understand it in isolation and in context, and alert operators to events that warrant investigation or immediate action to protect people and assets. It delivers full-site, real-time situational awareness, and ensures the appropriate incident response.


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Factory Acceptance Testing

Synectics' solutions undergo comprehensive Factory Acceptance Testing and only leave our Operations Center when a customer is completely happy.


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