Mitigating Risk to People and Processes

Surveillance-driven site management protects safety and process integrity.

Anomaly detection to prevent event escalation

Our end-to-end solutions for oil and gas applications ensure details that may signify danger are picked up before they have a chance to escalate.

Indicators such as fluctuations in temperature, fluid level, chemical content, noise, movement, or equipment performance, can be easily monitored and continually cross-referenced for signs of imminent failure.

By integrating camera stations ‒ including body-worn, vehicle-mounted, and drone technologies ‒ any deviation from set parameters (or a combination of possible degradation indicators) can be programmed to trigger incident alerts on monitors in the control room.

With automated visual feed prioritized on-screen, operators are also able to check process equipment located nearest the anomaly to identify and verify potential causes.

Monitoring of this nature can be conducted on-site or remotely from a centralized control center.

Many of our customers ‒ particularly those operating sites with remote or unmanned locations that are vital to operations, but challenging or uneconomical to inspect manually ‒ use this functionality to guard against leakages, spillage, equipment malfunction, and safety threats.

Rapid response that saves lives, time, and resources

In many cases, early detection of risk indicators, such as poor flare stack flame color, or equipment and pipeline hot spots, will help avoid scenarios escalating to become actual threats.

Where this isn’t possible, and facilities are in immediate danger, operators need to be able to take response actions quickly, calmly, and efficiently.

Our Synergy 3 command and control platform simplifies this process. By offering a 360-degree view of a facility, it enables operators to identify the location of any threat, but also the status of staff who may be in danger.

In the event of an incident ‒ using integral dynamic workflow functionality and real-time GIS data – it visually guides operators through response protocols (pre-programmed to reflect agreed company procedures) and automates measures such as area evacuations or lockdowns to deliver workers to safety.

Integration with man-down systems is another common application of our solution. When integrated with body-worn technology, operators can detect if a person remains stationary for a prolonged period. This may indicate a fall, injury, or collapse. Positional data received can then be used to pinpoint the person’s location, and trigger a visual feed from the nearest camera with clear sight. Such technology is particularly relevant to remote, hazardous locations that may be staffed by skeleton crews or lone workers.

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