Detecting Minor Deviations to Prevent Major Issues

Capitalizing on thermal camera technology and consolidated sensory data capture, integrated surveillance solutions alert operators to real-time variations in tank conditions that may signify structural or process integrity issues, safety concerns, or security risks.

A clear view of conditions, even ‘invisible’ risks

Storage tanks, whether holding liquids or gas, may come in a wide range of shapes and sizes but they all share a common need for constant monitoring. Often subject to strict process and operational performance requirements in line with environmental and safety regulations, being able to closely monitor conditions and activity in and around tanks is of vital importance.

Visual threat detection is key, but not all danger is visibly detectable. Our radiometric-enabled COEX thermal imaging camera stations (fixed, PTZ, and Trimode) with on-board analytics, used in conjunction with Synergy 3, provide a valuable solution.

In addition to detecting threats such as equipment hot spots, for example signifying tank wall corrosion, the camera’s ability to measure temperature differences - using infrared density mapping - and compare this information with thresholds assigned to specific areas within its field of view, ensures operators can ‘see’ more. Invisible risks, such as rapidly decreasing tank levels or abnormal valve and vent activity, which may indicate leakages or pressure changes respectively, can be quickly and easily identified.

An early-warning mechanism driven by data

Using our Synergy 3 command and control platform to integrate camera footage with additional third-party systems, analytics, and edge-device data, operators can alarm any number of parameter deviations or event occurrences, in order to detect potential threats.

Risk indicators such as rising pressure readings, structural vibrations, and moisture detection, can be programmed to trigger alerts, enabling rapid investigation and/or threat verification. As part of a predictive maintenance program, alerts can also be set using Synergy 3’s integrated workflow functionality to suggest appropriate levels based on the data captured, from scheduling a maintenance check to automatically notifying emergency response teams.

And it’s not just variation in conditions that can be detected early. By integrating cameras, intruder detection solutions, and video content analytics, Synergy 3 can ensure that any movement, heat, or suspicious behavior taking place within a set, virtual perimeter of storage tanks is immediately flagged to security personnel.

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