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Converged Transport Solutions

Making transport networks smarter, safer, and more secure

Network-wide detection and protection

Connecting and converging disparate modes of transport and management systems helps improve passenger journeys, supports the running of efficient, safe, and cost-effective services, and enables levels of network-wide situational awareness that would otherwise be impossible to achieve.

Our expertise in on-vehicle surveillance, integration, and wireless data transfer, coupled with our extensive infrastructure protection credentials, enables us to offer turnkey, converged solutions that deliver these benefits. Solutions that protect over five billion passenger journeys ‒ by bus, rail, sea, and air ‒ every year across the globe.

Unifying camera footage with data from security and operational systems, from on-board and off-vehicle sources, as well as from external information sources such as emergency bulletins and social media, into a single, integrated, and interoperable platform, Synergy 3 makes managing smart, connected networks a practical reality.

Improving services, coordinating action

With our integrated and interoperable solutions, operators are given the 360-degree, holistic view of data they need, and the technical capability to manage and automate multi-system processes based on real-time intelligence, for quick, consistent, and customer-centric action.

Rail, bus, and tram operators can see where vehicles are at any time and access on-board footage, vehicle, and driver performance data. They can respond remotely to passenger queries, and update real-time passenger information displays to keep customers informed. Transport hub operators can monitor and manage security, passenger flow, and communications to save time, resources, and money, while also ensuring passengers get from A to B as quickly as possible.

Crucially, our solutions ensure these organizations can securely share video and incident information, and action coordinated communications, tracking, and response, to facilitate multi-agency collaboration. They can do all this, safe in the knowledge that system activity and evidence is always securely captured and stored.

Increased Safety, Security, and Efficiency

Customers can integrate, monitor, and interrogate data from any number of third-party sub-systems – from vehicles, infrastructure, and external information sources – to achieve heightened situational awareness. With a 360-degree, real-time view of entire networks and their assets, transport operators are better equipped to detect and deal with security threats, inefficiencies, and maintenance issues.

The transport industry is under pressure to improve passenger experience from ‘door-to-destination’. Our converged solutions support this by providing an easy and intuitive way to detect events that may impact on satisfaction, the means to deal with issues quickly, and a fast, efficient mechanism for communicating real-time information with both passengers and relevant support or emergency agencies.

From identifying potential vehicle malfunctions before they happen and delivering a real-time view of driver performance, risk status, and network health, to guaranteeing surveillance coverage and secure evidence capture at all times, we make sure transport customers have the incident data they need to make informed decisions and take rapid action.

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