Delivering a 360-Degree View of Security, Safety and Network Efficiency

A real-time view of people, assets, and operational activity, which identifies the details that matter and the right actions to take.

Vehicle, hub, and external information integration

Breaking down the barrier that exists between vehicle and trackside systems is crucial to situational awareness and achieving smart transport network ambitions. It’s also a task ideally suited to our capabilities and heritage.

Synectics’ end-to-end solutions enable seamless integration and interoperable management of vehicle and infrastructure technologies – for example, cameras, sensors, signals, emergency systems, communications, analytics, telematics, staff/supplier databases, and passenger processing systems ‒ to deliver a single, comprehensive view of activity that isn’t hindered by operational silos.

This view also takes into account how pivotal transportation is to our wider critical infrastructure. By ensuring internal data can be integrated with external information sources, including threat level alerts, social media feeds, and emergency service notifications, our Synergy 3 command and control solution makes sure operators see information in broader, often critical, context.

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Asset monitoring

In order to gain a complete picture of potential and/or actual threats to security, safety, and passenger experience, operators need to know the status of their assets at all times.

This means being able to view live, map-based data showing vehicle positioning and key journey/ID information, accessing live and recorded on-vehicle camera footage from a central location, and being able to quickly communicate with staff and passengers. It also means using integrated data from on-board systems to know how vehicles are performing and being driven.

We make asset monitoring on this scale simple. By unifying camera systems (IP and analog) with telematics for full on-vehicle safety, security, and performance analysis, Synergy 3 offers a powerful, centralized monitoring and control solution that integrates, interrogates, and presents fleet-wide video (live and recorded) and systems data for full situational awareness and efficient management.

Vehicles aren’t the only assets that need monitoring, which is why Synergy 3 also delivers a live view of infrastructure and surveillance assets, using edge-device readings (from cameras, sensors, and any number of integrated third-party digital technologies) and customizable alerts to flag potential and/or actual threats.

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GPS and geofencing

Our solutions offer critical positioning capabilities by integrating GPS data with other safety, security, and operational information to facilitate a wide range of situational awareness applications. Customers can, for example, use Synergy 3’s GIS mapping functionality to create tailored boundaries – or ‘geofences’ – and then apply customized rules relating to GPS, RFID data, or any number of other specified metrics, which can alarm if certain criteria are met.

From enforcing safety measures (for example, ensuring passengers stay behind platform lines or tracking vehicle movements in key areas) to guarding against trespassing, infrastructure damage, or asset theft (for example, cable), Synergy 3 offers invaluable positional insight for live incident detection and streamlined post-incident investigation.

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Converged incident management

Because our solutions are open architecture, they also help transport hub operators, service operators, emergency teams, and relevant third-party agencies to work collaboratively.

Data and footage can be securely shared and viewed between team members and with external partners. Security threats, such as persons of interest, can be tracked continuously, unhindered by traditional vehicle-to-ground barriers. Dynamic workflows and integrated communications systems ensure the right people are notified of, and respond to, evolving incidents, with tasks and responsibilities clearly allocated – across organizations if necessary. System interoperability ensures operators can quickly action, and in many cases automate, relevant response protocols that span multiple systems.

Whatever the setting, our solutions allow secure and relevant information sharing and timely coordinated response based on real-time data.

Learn more about our incident management capabilities.

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