Safeguarding over five billion passenger journeys every year

Keeping passengers, staff, and assets safe

Surveillance continues to play a vital role in protecting passengers, drivers, and on-board staff  – as it has for many years – often providing key evidence in cases of threatening or disruptive behavior. With increased focus on guarding against malicious attack, and urbanization putting greater demand on public transport systems, the need to protect vehicles – whether train, tram, bus, or coach – is greater than ever.

What has changed is the scope of protection offered by evolving technologies. Enhanced integration capabilities and the development of open protocol command and control software now facilitate visual data, from analog or IP cameras, to be contextually paired with an array of information from appropriate third-party systems, including GPS data, telematics, door management solutions, passenger communications, analytics, and headcount systems. This provides unprecedented levels of situational awareness.

From alerting on-board train personnel or remote teams to suspicious behavior, door failures, carriage over-crowding, or left luggage items, to helping bus operators analyze vehicle and driver performance in order to aid training and guard against costly insurance claims, the turnkey surveillance solutions we provide protect passengers, promote efficiency, and support cost-effective service delivery.

Surveillance as a customer service tool

Surveillance integration also helps support passenger experience objectives. The IP-based and hybrid solutions we develop increasingly include aspects relating to enhanced on-vehicle WiFi capability and networking.

With extensive experience of both infrastructure and on-vehicle solutions, we ensure our customers are equipped to improve passenger experience by capitalizing on vehicle-to-ground connectivity and systems integration.

Our Passenger Help Solution is an example. Allowing remote support teams to pick up and respond to help calls made in transit, the solution ensures that authorized personnel at a central command center are able to liaise directly with passengers and implement required activity, including initiating emergency response protocols, through our Synergy 3 platform.

From facilitating automated data downloads on return to depot and improved point-to-point security tracking, to continuous vehicle efficiency and maintenance monitoring to aid service uptime, our end-to-end transport solutions give customers the tools to converge systems and maximize service opportunities.

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