Centralized Passenger Support

Enabling effective train-to-ground communications to improve passenger satisfaction.

Routing requests to the right responder

Help systems installed on trains play a vital role in ensuring passenger satisfaction and safety, providing a two-way communication service between the operator and the customer.

Calls made using passenger help mechanisms are typically directed through to the driver as the main point of authority on board. However, as most passenger requests relate to service provision or general journey information, the driver is not always best placed to answer. Having to deal with these calls can also be a distraction for drivers.

To address this issue, we have developed a train-to-ground solution that enables authorized personnel to receive, manage, and respond to on-vehicle passenger help requests remotely from a central command center. This ensures passengers that need help are immediately connected with personnel with access to this information at hand, and that support teams have an overarching real-time view of the network.

Presenting the information that matters

A specially developed audio gateway hardware solution interfaces with the customer’s on-vehicle passenger help system to enable audio in/audio out transmission via the train’s cellular modem.

Using Synectics’ Synergy 3 command and control platform to integrate the communications data, authorized personnel based at a central command center are alerted when an on-vehicle help button is triggered. The member of staff is presented with relevant on-screen information including the train’s identity, details relating to on-board staff (for example those with medical training), route details, and any network information that may be useful. The train’s exact location is also clearly identified on a live map via GPS data.

Using integrated VoIP software, personnel receiving the call can liaise directly with the passenger to identify any issues and assist in resolving them. If necessary, Synergy 3 can facilitate further actions, such as issuing instructions to the driver or alerting transport police to an evolving situation.

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