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Evolved Command and Control for Demanding Security Environments

Enabling any number of third-party systems to be integrated, monitored, and managed in a single unified environment, Synergy 3 mitigates risk and improves operational efficiency.

With leading-edge redundancy and resilience, incident and evidence management tools, uncapped scalability, and a powerful data analysis engine at its core, operators using Synergy 3 can be confident they will have easy access to the right information when they need it to make the decisions that matter.


Enterprise-Class, Robust, and Reliable Storage

Our flexible storage management options enable users to individually configure video stream frame rate, resolution, retention, and data rate – with real-time and time-lapse options – for storage optimization.

Together with multi-nodal data replication/hot swap redundancy, edge-recording/backfilling compatibility, and automated SHA-2 evidential encryption, our storage and digital recording solutions guarantee high-quality video capture, failsafe retention, and absolute data integrity.


Flexible Display Options Driven by Customer Environments

Configurable to suit any control room, including industrial settings, Synectics Display Wall appliances enable the display of up to 32 streams from HD, SD, megapixel IP cameras, DVRs, and encoders - including Synectics’ HD IP camera range. Compatible with Synergy 3 command and control systems, the devices deliver excellent reproduction of both live and recorded footage.


Secure and Resilient Hardware

Synectics Synergy Server provides a secure and robust hardware platform for our Synergy 3 command and control software. An essential component of our end-to-end security and surveillance management solution, it is equipped with auto-rebuild functionality, dual power supplies, dual on-board gigabit NICs, and real-time, redundant hot swap server.


Customizable Control Designed by Operators

Engineered by Synectics, and designed by decades of operator input and experience, our flexible range of Synergy 3 controllers and accessories has been developed to deliver performance to suit each individual control room environment. This includes our flagship EX300 Control Suite and the fast and accurate EX250 Keyboard.


Transport-Tailored Video and Data Management

Synergy 3 Transport offers intuitive access to camera controls, recording, video playback, and incident management tools in one secure platform. It is ideally suited to depots and back-office command center environments for transport operators, and easily integrates data from on-vehicle CCTV, telematics systems, and GPS solutions, helping operators improve passenger and driver safety, identify potential issues – such as fraudulent claims – and flag opportunities for operational improvements.


Synergy 3 Solutions

Intelligently Integrated Security and Surveillance Management

Unified control for 360-degree situational awareness

The result of 30 years of security industry experience and sector expertise, Synergy 3 provides the foundation for the turnkey solutions we deliver. Reliable, proven under the most extreme conditions, but highly flexible and user-friendly, our command and control platform helps ensure customers can always access the information that counts. Mission-critical data is made manageable, meaningful, and actionable.

Synergy 3 achieves this by seamlessly integrating any number of independent third-party products and systems - from one or multiple sites - enabling them to be to be monitored, managed, and recorded from a single unified interface. Users receive a 360-degree view of security and surveillance that mitigates risk, improves operational efficiency, and supports rapid, informed incident response.

Supported by our Synergy-ready range of servers, storage, display solutions, and control accessories, and maximized by powerful and intuitive software features including Dataveillance and dynamic Workflow generation, the end-to-end solutions we provide help customers quickly and easily interrogate the wealth of data at their fingertips, identify what matters, and take action.

Flexible choice, reliable performance

Tailored software tiers ensure that customers of any size can cost-effectively benefit from Synergy 3’s feature base, without having to worry about accommodating future growth. Synergy 3’s uncapped scalability allows for solution capabilities to be easily flexed and/or expanded as business and security needs change. Additionally, our open architecture software enables customers to leverage both existing devices and new technology, to create a truly tailored solution that maximizes investment and supports progress.

We’ve also made sure to extend choice in how operators use our solutions. Customization runs throughout Synergy 3, from its user-friendly GUI and user-defined access rights, to highly tailorable reports and incident response automation. Even our latest tablet-based EX300 Control Suite has been engineered to maximize user choice and provide a more personalized and streamlined experience.

Our development priorities also focus on ensuring system reliability and eliminating downtime. Intelligent hardware, software and database failover, backfilling video data from edge-based devices, and virtualized server resiliency make Synergy 3 the ultra-reliable system of choice for critical security, process control, and Alarm Receiving Center environments.

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