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short description: Discover how today's security solutions can extend their value by integrating with communication devices and protocols.
title_list_view: Surveillance as a Communications Center
title: Surveillance as a Communications Center White Paper
sub-title: Integration enables smart site management

Strategic communications and security go hand-in-hand. A well-planned communications infrastructure can greatly enhance the scope and efficiency of a site’s security mechanisms and processes.

With Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), any IP connected device can receive and transmit audio, numerical, video, and voice data over a network. This white paper takes an in-depth look at the application of this communication protocol and the opportunities it presents.

The white paper includes practical uses of video and voice over data networks, typical misconceptions of SIP-enabled communications in an integrated command and control platform, and illustrated, real-world examples of unified communications across sectors.

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What is Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)?

With any discussion around Unified Communications, it is first important to understand Session Initiation Protocol (SIP).

SIP is a standard open protocol that allows multiple devices to communicate with each other over a shared network. It effectively defines and structures message initiation, transmission, and endpoints. The most common application is for Internet telephony or Voice over IP (VoIP) – Skype is perhaps the most well-known example of this.

In addition to facilitating communication, SIP enables redirection services ensuring that physical location is no longer a restriction. Transmissions can be initiated and received from any networked location without losing the ability to identify the initiating device and, if applicable, its user. This is particularly beneficial in worker safety scenarios – a point addressed in greater detail within this white paper.

VoIP is just one example of SIP-driven communication. With SIP, any IP-connected devices – for example tablets, laptops, public address systems, help points, or intercoms – that can receive and transmit audio, numerical, video, or voice data, can ‘talk’ over the network.

Integrating these vital communication tools, alongside other site systems, via a surveillance command and control solution opens up a powerful set of opportunities.

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