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short description: An in-depth look at how transport networks can become smarter, safer, and more connected through the convergence of on-vehicle and trackside surveillance.
title_list_view: Rail in Focus
title: Rail in Focus White Paper
sub-title: Unlocking the benefits of converged surveillance

A global rise in rail passenger numbers, and increased customer service expectations, mean the rail market needs new ways to protect assets, people, and infrastructure.

Smart surveillance is the key that can unlock several improvements, including greater operational efficiencies and increased safeguards from delays and threats, while also providing a reliable and secure backbone for additional services.

This white paper takes an in-depth look at converged surveillance in rail transportation and includes: a comprehensive review of camera and DVR technology; a look at the rise of convergence and how connecting trains and trackside infrastructure can improve incident management, collaboration, and customer service; and, the next steps that will drive integration and realize convergence opportunities.

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Rail in focus

Rail travel in the UK has doubled in the last decade, with the current annual figure of 12.5 billion passengers, demonstrating the overwhelming need for public transportation. It is a trend replicated the world over, with many countries experiencing increased demand for rail travel.

A global rise in passenger numbers and rolling stock has in turn made train stations busier and more complex entities with an ever-evolving challenge of efficiently managing the movement of passengers and vehicles, while also protecting employees, goods, assets, and infrastructure against possible threats. Rapid urbanization of cities is driving investment in infrastructure and rolling stock throughout the world, as is the need for smarter transportation to improve the passenger experience.

Investment in the UK’s railway network, for example, is at an all-time high, reflecting its newfound importance at the heart of the national economy. Set against the backdrop of a high-alert global climate, interest in solutions that unify train and trackside systems in order to offer a more holistic view of operations and infrastructure-wide situational awareness is high – a fact that has prompted much discussion around the concept of converged surveillance.

For the rail sector, converged surveillance refers to the removal of barriers that exist between on-vehicle solutions and trackside (stations and network) systems in order to permit platform-to-platform protection.

Incorporating the ability to monitor and manage visual data from any point of the passenger journey, this concept also involves the unification of additional data sources to achieve a truly 360-degree operational view offering benefits that go beyond security.

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