Incident Management

Manage incidents and evidence with confidence

Our solutions ensure operators have the tools they need to manage evolving situations and easily collaborate internally or externally, giving them confidence evidence is handled properly.

Alarm management

Driven by Synergy 3, our customizable solutions logically connect alarm events to video and situational management processes.

Color-coded visual and audio messages for both internal (system) failures and integrated external alarms (access control, intrusion, etc), ensure operators can quickly understand risk levels and prioritize activity, while automatic streaming of live or recorded video pertinent to the alarm enables operators to take informed, decisive action.

Synectics’ solutions also ensure alerts generated are accompanied by map-based location information for rapid incident pinpointing, and supporting data from any relevant, integrated edge devices.

Database management

By integrating personnel, communications, supplier, and security databases, Synergy 3 also ensures operators have the information they need to mitigate and/or manage incidents. Comparing and contrasting access rights with staff records, facial recognition with persons of interest, or ANPR with supplier schedules are examples of crucial verification tasks that can be customized, automated, and used to drive key security processes.


Alarm management capabilities are further enhanced by integration with dynamic workflows – automated, on-screen, ‘step-by-step’ guidance for operators ‒ to ensure responses are appropriate to the event and in line with Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Workflows can incorporate custom forms, diary tasks, contacts, or automated email/text messaging, but above all they help to ensure accurate, consistent, and compliant responses to alarm events in high-pressure situations.

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With the click of a button, any operator using Synergy 3 can initiate ‘live’ incident protocols and invite additional operator support or allocate tasks. A single incident case file is created where map, video, and transactional data is logged, with the system automatically collating video footage and observer notes made by all operators involved.

Because our solutions are open architecture by design, they also facilitate external agency collaboration – for example with police or local authorities. Inter-organizational workflows, secure remote evidence access, and unified communications capabilities allow users to securely share key data, automate calls for support or incident warnings, and collaborate on responsive action.

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For many organizations, having the ability to escalate incidents according to the security/operational threats detected is essential – particularly those with large estates or complex infrastructure.

In addition to supporting multi-operator collaboration on live incidents, our scalable, networked solutions allow users to escalate control of all integrated site systems (e.g. access control, surveillance, communications) to centralized and/or remote security management teams. This process can be automated based on management-defined incident/threat scenario categorization, ensuring the right teams are alerted to ‒ and supported to deal with ‒ rapidly evolving events.

Evidence management

The way evidence is handled can often be the determining factor in criminal, civil, and internal investigations, making robust management a key priority. With built-in operator activity logs for audit trail transparency, SHA-2 (Secure Hash Algorithm) data encryption for indisputable evidence integrity, and secure evidence storage/sharing capabilities, customers using Synectics’ solutions can rest assured critical evidential data is managed properly.

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