Multi-Site Management

A single solution for multi-site security

Synergy 3 allows organizations with unmanned locations or widely-deployed assets to monitor and manage security from any location in their network, or from a central command center.

Centralized command and control

By intelligently integrating video with third-party access control, perimeter alarm, motion detection, and other vital site security data within a single monitoring and control environment, our Synergy 3-driven solutions offer complete situational awareness and ‒ through interoperability – a mechanism for operators to take rapid action.

Crucially, these benefits are not restricted to single-site scenarios. Open architecture by design, our highly scalable, IP-based networked solutions enable advanced remote access and control, making them ideal for organizations operating across multiple buildings, facilities, and geographic locations.

Video, audio, PIR activations, and other alarm inputs generated by systems and edge devices located at each individual site are integrated a centralized command and control platform to give security teams an over-arching view of activity, and the ability to remotely action responses such as site/area lock downs, evacuation procedures, maintenance dispatch, and emergency responder deployment.

Anomalous events, or a combination of events, detected at any site, can be programed to alert security teams and prioritize on-screen footage from relevant camera locations, enabling operators to rapidly assess risk. Synergy’s dynamic workflows and automation capabilities also ensure specific, high-risk events always initiate pre-determined emergency procedures.

On-site control and incident escalation

While any multi-site, security-critical business is likely to require a centralized surveillance monitoring and control solution with full network reach, on-site video recording and management at specific locations, particularly those in remote areas, are often beneficial too.

Synergy Compact – a hardware platform with on-board Synergy 3 command and control software – provides intuitive access to fundamental operational tools such as camera controls, video playback, and incident management.

Ideal for local deployment, Synergy Compact can also connect back to an over-arching command and control center, making it perfect for federated site applications.

Synergy 3 – with its automated workflows, metadata recording, and data mining capabilities – also ensures incident response decisions can be taken locally at a specified level, and are automatically escalated to central control personnel according to the threat identified.

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