Oversight and Control

Anywhere access for comprehensive control

Synergy 3’s intuitive management tools give busy operatives the ability to access, coordinate, and control activity, either at the command center or in the field.

System administration tools

Our solutions are designed to meet the exact system administration needs of any organization. For example, using Synergy 3’s integrated administration tools, managers can create secure, customized user profiles that control access rights to every system feature and camera, and which – through database integration ‒ update automatically in line with ‘live’ role and personnel changes.

Authorized users can quickly and easily build customized reports and search system data by almost any variable for an instant view of operator activity, contacts, communications, alarm trends, and system performance, in order to support training, operational planning, and efficient management.

Task management

Simplified task allocation, during live incidents and for ongoing, efficient team performance, is another key feature of Synectics’ security management solutions.

Alarms integrated and received by the system can be custom-automated to alert appropriate team members (perhaps based on areas of expertise), and, during live incidents, specific camera control and monitoring tasks can be allocated instantly for efficient resource deployment, helping teams to more effectively manage complex and rapidly evolving security situations.

Managers can also assign one-time or recurring tasks to individual team members, such as scheduled system reports or maintenance checks, and track progress for a complete operational overview.

Remote access and mobility

With our solutions, location is never an obstacle to effective security management.

Intelligent integration enables video, audio, PIR activations, and other alarm inputs from multiple networked locations to be easily streamed to ‒ and directly controlled by ‒ personnel based at a different site or central command center. Using Synergy 3’s remote monitoring capabilities, operators can also view live footage from mobilized camera solutions, inclduing body-worn technology and vehicle-based surveillance.

Moreover, Synergy 3’s range of access and display options support security management ‘on the go’. From tablet and mobile device video access and camera control, to web-based streaming for system management with complete device flexibility, we ensure that authorized users have the control they need, wherever they are.

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