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Sub-System Integration

Integrate with any third-party system

Open architecture solutions that seamlessly integrate third-party sub-systems, pairing vital security, process, and safety data with surveillance footage for complete situational awareness and security control.

Access and intrustion detection

Supporting all leading open integration standards and protocols, including ONVIF, OPC, MODBUS, and SNMP, and with custom interface capability, our end-to-end solutions give customers the flexibility to integrate, monitor, and manage data from a wide range of third-party sub-systems that are vital to effective security management.

Access control, surveillance, and intrusion detection integration is a particularly common application. Unifying data from these three key systems ensures operators located on site, or remotely, are immediately alerted to suspicious activity – including unauthorized card usage, closure failure/door malfunctions, unscheduled maintenance, movement in unauthorized zones etc. – and are able to visually verify threats from live video feeds prioritized on screen according to best field of view.

In addition to improving threat detection, this solution also reduces costly false alarms, drives cost and efficiency gains, and supports staff safety by presenting a clear view of who is on site at any one location.


For enhanced security management, our solutions – driven by Synergy 3 – also help organizations make sense of data by integrating with leading video content analysis (VCA) software and hardware, including analytics-enabled cameras (Synectics or third-party).

Our powerful command and control solution supports integration with VCA applications including virtual tripwires/motion detection, left-object detection, loitering detection, heat maps, flame/smoke/chemical detection, footfall, headcount, and facial recognition. And, because Synergy 3 is conformant with ONVIF Profile C, it also supports data analytics through direct integration with sensor-based edge devices. All data captured can be custom-alarmed as part of the overarching security management solution.


Synectics’ security management solutions also support the adoption of biometric control systems, such as fingerprint, voice, iris, and facial recognition, for improved authentication, verification, and identification.

Ideal for highly secure zones with multiple clearance levels, our solutions ensure biometric access data can be instantly cross-referenced with and verified against staff and/or supplier databases, shift schedules, and – particularly in the case of facial recognition – watch list information.

Building management systems

Reflecting the merging worlds of security and facilities management, integration with building management systems (BMS) – or building automation systems (BAS) as they are sometimes known – has become another common application for Synectics’ sub-system integration capabilities.

The benefits of integrating BMS include localized and/or remote video verification of activations, remote setting and resetting of alarm systems for improved efficiency, rapid identification of unauthorized building access, and immediate verification of fire/smoke detection alerts to ensure rapid evacuation or to avoid unnecessary false alarm costs. Increasingly, BMS integration also supports improved environmental efficiencies i.e. enabling lights, heating, and ventilation to be monitored and controlled centrally.

Process control systems

For industrial environments, data generated by process control systems provides a vital indicator of operational consistency and safety. Anomalous activity/sensor readings can also be indicative of a potential security issue, e.g. malicious damage/attack.

Our solutions ensure data from process control sub-systems and associated edge devices can be integrated, monitored, and analyzed to identify single or combination events that may signify an issue, alerting operators according to the threat potential. Coupled with features such as integrated GIS mapping, and, of course, live surveillance feed integration, operators can pinpoint problem locations, visually verify threats if possible/appropriate, and deploy maintenance or security teams as required.

Lone-worker protection

Data from GPS trackers or body-worn sensors can also be integrated, monitored, analyzed, and programmed to alert control room operators to any anomalous results.

If a lone worker collapses or fails to check in at a scheduled location, the system flags the individual’s location and prioritizes the closest camera or communications link, enabling operators to assess status and guide emergency responders if required.

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