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Data Analysis and Visualization

Data-driven insight, made actionable

Using video content and data analytics integration with Synergy 3’s powerful dataveillance capabilities, organizations can quickly see the details that matter.

Holistic data integration

Security, safety, process, and sector-specific systems all provide valuable information. But, in addition to being an inefficient use of resource, managing and monitoring each system independently will only ever deliver clarity on siloed aspects of operations. Wherever security and surveillance is critical, siloes won’t do.

For example, if an access control system shows a door hasn’t shut properly – that’s a fairly simple thing to address. If that also coincides with movement in a restricted area, or a vehicle of interest being flagged up on site by ANPR, it might point to a more serious threat. Incidents that might individually be seen as minor can take on a whole new meaning when viewed as one.

Situational awareness depends on this kind of context which, in turn, necessitates a 360-degree overview. Synergy 3 delivers this by integrating all key systems, enabling them to be monitored, managed, and analyzed using a single, unified interface.

Make the most of metadata

The reality of threat/incident detection and reaction is that the irrelevant can become relevant in an instant, and that deviations from the norm do not always fall into neatly segmented scenarios. Knowing what information will be needed is not always possible until it is needed.

Here, metadata – data that describes other data, e.g. color, size, shape, position, length, volume, speed, source, and direction – is vitally important. It translates data generated by disparate systems, regardless of format (video, audio, transactional data), into a universal language that can then be used to search and sort vast volumes of information in an instant.

Synergy 3 integrates sub-systems and data streams important to an organization’s security and operational health, and enables operators to apply metadata analytics across all those systems for live incident management, as well as support rapid review of historical data. Common applications of metadata analytics include detecting fraud, verifying service deliverables, interrogating social feeds for warning indicators, and safety protocol enforcement, e.g. making sure specific (colored) safety apparel is being worn in key zones on specific days.

Metadata tags can also be used in a Dataveillance context, as part of user-defined rules applied in real time and alarmed to proactively flag up areas of concern.


Managing risk first requires quickly identifying the risks in play – an area ideally suited to data analytics. Driven by Synergy 3, our solutions support integration with Video Content Analysis (VCA) software and hardware, enabling virtual tripwire/motion detection, left object detection, loitering detection, heat mapping, flame/smoke/chemical detection, footfall/headcount analysis, and facial recognition.

And, because Synergy 3 is conformant with ONVIF Profile C, it also supports data analytics through direct integration with sensor-based edge devices for detecting changes in conditions such as temperature, air quality, moisture, wind speed – anything that may impact security or operating conditions. All data captured can be custom-alarmed and integrated with wider risk and incident management tools to automatically trigger appropriate response protocols.

Dataveillance - detect the danger 'lost' in data

Visual information alone cannot deliver the level of situational awareness organizations need to operate securely and efficiently. Cameras, alarms, point of sale, process management, access control, and any number of other third-party systems all generate data critical to identifying and dealing with threats. Data integration is key, but the mountain of information this generates is often too vast to understand in a meaningful way.

Failing to spot risk indicators because there is simply too much data to review is a worrying reality for many businesses and organizations, regardless of size or sector. But it is also an avoidable one.

Synergy 3 helps operators sort the meaningful from the meaningless. It combines and mines data, based on user-defined rules, from visual surveillance, alarm, and transactional systems, to identify events and risk conditions that would otherwise be virtually impossible to detect.

Learn more about Dataveillance.

Clearly see what matters

Identifying the data that matters is essential, but to support rapid, informed decision-making, these details need to be presented in the right way, through customization.

With Synergy 3, alerts, threat indicators, and video content can all by presented according to individual operator and/or organizational requirements, from color-coding according to threat level or incident type, to adjusting content position to ensure specific data is always shown at eye level.

Statistics most useful to situational awareness can be prioritized and displayed as easily digestible graphs and charts. Calling on Synergy 3’s enhanced mapping engine, alerts, cameras and vital internal/external location-based data can be shown to operators in map format, enabling rapid pinpointing and efficient incident management.

With Synectics’ solutions, data is always visualized based on operational needs and user preferences.


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