Dynamic Mapping

Locate, interrogate, and activate - put data on the map

Synergy 3 integrates and presents live situational data in map format, enabling users to easily see evolving scenarios and manage incidents more efficiently.

Advanced mapping capabilities

Synergy 3’s enhanced mapping engine, with GIS technology, can display any geographically referenced information in an interactive, multi-layered, and visually intuitive format. Wherever accurate, location tracking of people, assets, and incidents in real time is beneficial – so are the solutions we offer.

Compatible with mapping platforms including OS Mastermap, Open StreetMap, Bing online mapping engine, and various locally hosted maps such as CAD, site, and floor plans, operators using Synergy 3 can easily switch between customizable ‘layers’ to show positions within their organization’s own boundaries (floor, building, estate etc.), to wider streets, towns, cities, and global positions.

Cameras, perimeter fences, access points, alarm sensors, and any other vital systems/edge devices can be depicted alongside additional location-based data, to provide quick, touch-screen access to footage, controls, and contextual information such as crime statistics and activity hot spots.

Moreover, our solutions pair geospatial information with real-time data analysis to give operators a complete and live view of operations, the exact location of events of interest, and the means to act, and easily investigate, at the click of a button.

Learn more about GIS Mapping.

Global Positioning System integration

GPS data is invaluable to situational awareness as it allows organizations to see exactly where their assets are, from vehicles and goods to lone workers and authorized suppliers, at any point in time. Our solutions, driven by Synergy 3, maximize these critical positioning capabilities by integrating GPS data with other safety, security, and operational systems to facilitate a wide range of applications.


For example, by integrating GPS data with cameras, radar, Automatic Identification Systems (AIS), and compass readings, Synergy 3 helps marine asset operators use absolute positioning to track identified threats. Back on land, any centrally-based command team can, using Synergy 3’s GIS mapping capabilities to display GPS data, see exactly where every worker is located. Pairing this information with clearance levels, access control data, and shift schedules etc. ensures potential security issues are flagged, while integration with man-down systems supports rapid assistance dispatch.

We also help customers integrate GPS data to improve customer service areas, for example helping transport providers to monitor and manage live service issues and vehicle locations to provide real-time passenger updates, assistance, and timely notifications.

Synergy 3 also enables organizations to use GPS or RFID data for geofencing, creating user-defined virtual zones where alerts are immediately triggered when a GPS and/or RFID enabled device enters or exits. Wi-Fi and cellular data can also be used as activity triggers.

Using GIS mapping, operators can create tailored boundaries and then apply customized rules, alarmed to notify them if specific criteria – relating to GPS data – are met. A common application is route deviation, for instance alerting operators any time authorized drivers break from their approved route, but geofences can be created at any size and by any type of organization to help manage area-associated situational awareness.

With Synergy 3, geofenced alerts can also be programmed to trigger useful threat verification data, for example prioritizing video footage from cameras with the best field of view, as well as management workflows providing operators with step-by-step advice on how best to deal with the specific issue.


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