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Video Management

Multiple levels of failover, powerful integration capabilities, and a user-friendly GUI allow operators to capture, analyze, and store video with ease and confidence.

Video presented how and when it’s needed

Synectics specializes in developing solutions for complex projects where security and surveillance are critical to protecting people, assets, and profits. In these environments, high-quality image capture and 24/7 coverage are essential and often governed by strict regulatory standards.

Whatever the operating environment – from fast-paced casino floors and densely populated public spaces, to vast power distribution estates and offshore oil and gas platforms – the organizations we work with need to know they will always have a clear view of threats, risks, and opportunities for improvement. With Synectics’ customer-driven camera and video management solutions, they do.

Our cameras, including specialist hazardous and safe-area models, deliver evidential-quality footage day in, day out, ensuring no detail is missed. Meanwhile, Synergy 3, with its easy-to-use GUI and powerful third-party system integration capabilities, makes monitoring, managing, and analyzing video quick and intuitive.

Resilient recording, reliable storage

When even momentary loss of video coverage can result in severe safety issues, security breaches, or even regulatory fines, resilient recording and reliable storage become vitally important. With multiple levels of failover and system resiliency designed into our end-to-end surveillance solutions, we eliminate any single points of failure for guaranteed video capture at all times.

The highest level of RAID technology is built into our PSNs and Synergy 3 management servers as standard, while measures such as dual/redundant hot swap power mean that digital recording/storage devices or networked IP cameras immediately swap to a local power source in the event of a supply outage.

Additionally, all Synectics HD IP cameras offer localized storage so that, in the event of a network failure, video is recorded to the device and automatically backfilled to the primary storage servers to avoid any video loss.


Customer-Driven Solutions

Because no two control room environments are exactly alike, we have designed our solutions to enable multi-level customization, from how an individual operator or a whole team views video and uses controls, to the type and number of systems integrated, and the rules applied to them for generating alerts.

Cameras that detect detail in all conditions, 4K-compatible display walls, and system/software integrations designed to make sure footage captured reveals everything it possibly can to support safe, secure, and efficient operations – our open architecture solutions capture, display, and analyze video content to identify risk and opportunity.

Synectics' solutions guarantee real-time, broadcast-quality recording of both proprietary and third-party cameras and encoders, while intelligent resiliency and failover capabilities eliminate risk of data and video loss. Together with our flexible and highly scalable range of storage options, and compatibility with third-party storage solutions, we make sure organizations can always record, retrieve, and reliably store video.

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