Tailored solutions for a superior user experience

From Synergy 3’s highly tailorable GUI and display wall options, to our tablet-based EX300 Control Suite, our solutions provide a more personalized and streamlined experience.

Graphical User Interface

When it comes to video management, user experience is just as important as technical capability. If a solution is difficult to use, it will never be used to full effect.

Synergy 3’s highly customizable, touchscreen GUI makes common operator functions simple and intuitive, by tailoring them to the individual. Using drag and drop configuration, users can set their own video, alarm, and data management preferences, personalize display options, streamline commands, and enable, for example, one-click transition between live and recorded footage.

Video can also be instantly sorted, retrieved, and presented by user-defined criteria – manually or automatically – saving busy operators valuable time.

Complemented by features such as dynamic workflows, integrated GIS mapping, and customizable collaboration tools, Synergy 3’s GUI makes sure individuals and teams have the video management tools and resources they need for maximum efficiency.

Dynamic view

In addition to a range of standard display options, which prioritize and present video and management functions according to primary objective, with Synergy 3, every workstation can also be tailored according to individual user preferences.

Up to 16 camera views can be shown on-screen simultaneously, each of which can be controlled independently or in synchronization. This view can be manually configured or programmed to automatically update based on alarm inputs received, for example, prioritizing and adapting to ‘best-field-of-view’ using camera location data.

Operators can also choose how alerts are displayed on their screen, what data they are paired with – for example, with GIS mapping information – and have the ability to select if/how external web content is shown, such as relevant newsfeeds.

Display wall

To deal with fluid situations, control room operators need an equally adaptive view of relevant data and system activity – a view constantly evolving to reflect real-time threats, developments, and status updates.

From dynamic threat level displays, which constantly calculate and visually represent threat levels based on alarms received and/or operator input, to screen sections dedicated to external content such as news feeds, social media references, and traffic reports, our display wall solutions ensure operators have what they need in front of them to always be informed.

Together with features such as real-time system health alerts, persons of interest display, graphical data reports/statistical analysis, and incident-status ticker tapes, users always have a clear and actionable view of incoming threats and ongoing situations.

EX300 Control Suite

Engineered by Synectics, and designed by decades of operator input and experience, our Synergy 3 controllers and accessories have been developed to deliver performance tailored to individual control room environments, and the preferences of each individual operator.

Our flagship EX300 Control Suite particularly reflects this design ethos. Comprising a Synergy 3-based App, and ergonomically designed EX300 Joystick and Keyboard, the EX300 Control Suite offers custom configuration and streamlined touch and gesture-based control, for faster incident response and simplified video management.

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