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Performance and Integration

Integrating and interrogating high-quality video

Pairing high-resolution image capture and display capabilities with open-architecture integration, with specialist technologies and analytics, we make video more accessible and meaningful.

Video performance

Synectics camera and display solutions are engineered to deliver superior image quality. For example, all our COEX and Synectics HD IP cameras offer real-time, full 1080p, HD, 50/60fps streaming for absolute clarity irrespective of lighting or environmental conditions, even – in the case of our COEX C3000 Camera Station – at temperatures up to +70°C and as low as -55°C.

Together with our display wall appliances – capable of displaying up to 32 live and recorded streams from SD, HD, and 4K cameras, DVRs, and encoders – our solutions guarantee operators always have the best view possible of the video they rely on to do their job.

ONVIF-profile conformance

Synectics is committed to open integration standards, particularly those that support the adoption of IP in the security market. By developing solutions that support interoperability with other ONVIF-conformant products, our aim is to ensure customers can always choose and benefit from the best products to meet their specific needs.

Synergy 3 epitomizes this commitment. Our command and control solution is fully interoperable with all third-party, ONVIF Profile S-conformant devices, such as IP cameras and encoders, and Profile G-conformant IP network video devices, including networked video recorders (NVR), video or building management systems, and physical security information management (PSIM) systems.

Additionally, all our COEX and Synectics IP cameras are ONVIF Profile S-compliant, making them quick to configure and cost-effective to install, and our PSN 4, designed to encode, stream, and record footage from encoders/cameras in order to deliver real-time, broadcast-quality recording, is also compatible with ONVIF-conformant devices.

Superior integration capabilities

Synergy 3’s open architecture gives organizations the flexibility to integrate with pre-existing and/or third-party technologies – including display walls, encoders, cameras, matrices, and storage systems – while still taking advantage of its advanced alarm integration, GUI customization, and management functionality.

In this way, video capture, control, and management can be uniquely tailored to meet exact business and operational needs. Organizations seeking to maximize legacy investment can integrate analog cameras as they gradually migrate to IP. Specialist technology such as body-worn or ANPR cameras can be integrated and utilized to deliver vital on-the-ground coverage and vehicle verification respectively.

Whatever the need, our solutions ensure video from a wide range of sources can be monitored, managed, and controlled holistically.

And because Synergy 3 is also compatible with leading third-party video acquisition and streaming solutions, which, for example, allow live video streams to be transmitted wirelessly from surveillance cameras over any network (without the need for costly infrastructure or equipment), our customers can also make the most of broader infrastructure around them.


By integrating surveillance footage with proprietary and third-party video content analysis (VCA) software and hardware – including analytics-enabled cameras – our solutions also help organizations maximize video footage for threat detection, fraudulent activity, and trends identification.

Additionally, sector-specific analytics software can be integrated, enabling applications such as left object detection, loitering detection, suspicious movement/gestures, heat map creation, flame/smoke/chemical detection, footfall/headcount analysis, and facial recognition.

For real-time analysis, Synergy 3 can also be configured to compare video and VCA results against pre-defined rules, detect and alarm condition violations, and alert operators by prioritizing corresponding camera feeds on-screen, alongside relevant location and incident information.

Highly advantageous for rapid identification of critical issues, this solution also helps organizations utilize more specialist camera technologies. For example, our radiometric-enabled COEX thermal camera stations ‒ used in conjunction with Synergy 3 – allow operators to set areas of interest within a camera’s specific field of view (for example, a row of compressors, motors, or pipes), assign temperature thresholds to those areas, and then ‘see’ heat variations that may be indicative of wear and tear, or imminent failure.


Visual information alone cannot deliver the level of situational awareness organizations need to operate securely and efficiently. Cameras, alarms, point of sale, process management, access control, and any number of other third-party systems all generate data critical to identifying and dealing with threats. Data integration is key, but the mountain of information this generates is often too vast to understand in a meaningful way.

Failing to spot risk indicators because there is simply too much data to review is a worrying reality for many businesses and organizations, regardless of size or sector. But it is also an avoidable one.

Synergy 3 helps operators sort the meaningful from the meaningless. It combines and, based on user-defined rules, mines data from visual surveillance, alarm, and transactional systems, to identify events and risk conditions that would otherwise be virtually impossible to detect.

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